Genetic Testing

A person’s DNA dictates every little detail of their body, including their predisposition to certain diseases and their lineage. It tells a lot about our body: what it is made of, how it responds to the environment and what it has inherited from our ancestors. Because DNA can give a lot of information about ourselves, genetic testing has been very popular among doctors and patients. They play an important role in disease diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention.

There are several types of DNA tests, most of which are used for diagnosing diseases that could possibly be hereditary. DNA tests can determine not only the presence of diseases, but also of changes in the genes of people who have already been diagnosed with diseases. They can also determine the severity of a disease and aid doctors in formulating the best treatment plan for the patient.

Tests may also be done to children, even newborns, to determine risks of developing diseases when they reach adulthood. Some people who also want to have children also undergo such tests to determine possible disorders that they could pass to their children. Getting tested at an early age will make early treatment possible and decrease the possibility of the disease from getting worse. Severe cases could be difficult to treat or could mean an expensive and stronger treatment plan.

Genetic testing allows us to identify our chromosomal makeup and the changes within the genes that could possibly lead to genetic diseases. Through the years, tests have become more advanced and can do more than just detect abnormalities in chromosomes. Nowadays, they can determine risks in developing diseases that we never thought would result from problems in the genes like Cancer or Heart Diseases.

Diagnostic Testing. There are several types of genetic tests available in the market today. The most popular of which is diagnostic testing. It could help doctors and patients choose a treatment plan that will be best for them as well as health management practices. Doctors may also rule out other genetic or chromosomal conditions. This test can be performed through any age and at any time.

Carrier Testing. Some parents may be carriers of diseases. They may not be affected by them, but there is a possibility that they will transmit these diseases to their children. This tests help identify mutations in the genes of both parents that when reacting with each other could put their child at a higher risk for developing genetic disorders.

Cancer Testing. This test is a predictive type of DNA test where it detects gene mutations associated with disorders like Cancer. People with family members that are stricken with certain genetic disorders should have themselves checked for their own predisposition. Cancer testing can help identify the person’s chances of developing Cancer through their genes. These test can be performed even before any symptoms develop.

With this recent discovery in the importance of genetic testing, more and more people find it beneficial to get themselves tested. The only challenge there is to find a laboratory that they could rely on in giving accurate results. Health Care Touch provides doctors and patients a trustworthy service when it comes to releasing highly accurate and precise results that are released in the earliest time possible.

Accuracy and precision is one thing, getting results fast is another thing to consider. Doctors and patients should entrust their tests to services that could facilitate faster test results. Getting faster results will allow doctors to administer treatment plans during an earlier stage, even before any symptoms can manifest. This prevents such diseases from advancing into stages that will make them harder to treat.

Health Care Touch offers fast and reliable laboratory services for those who need genetic testing to diagnose different hereditary disorders. Through the highly experienced laboratory staff and the advanced technology that their laboratory employs, patients and doctors are assured of the high quality service and accuracy on test results. All of these results will be delivered to them without any hassle with a very fast turnaround time.