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Topical Pain Cream gives doctors the opportunity to treat patients right at the site of their pain, and provide high concentrations that results in a greater effect. Topical Pain Cream eliminates possible side effects associated with traditional oral and injected medications. >Reduced risk of dependency or abuse.  >Decreased risk of Drug-To-Drug interactions. Our Topical Pain Creams are covered by most insurances, putting effective pain relief at the fingertips of patients.  All of our formulations contain a combination of FDA approved ingredients, compounded into a topical pain cream, which differ from oral forms of these drugs.  In addition to pain-focused ingredients, our team of preferred professionals can tailor formulas to your doctors’ specifications.  Formulations may include a variety of ingredients from anti-viral, anti-scarring, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant medications addressing each patients unique needs.  By transitioning from traditional oral or injectable treatments, to our Topical Pain Creams, patients can experience healthier, fuller lives, and simultaneously reduce the prescribing of dangerous oral narcotic drug therapies.