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Healthcare Touch supports our US TROOPS everywhere!

We support our US TROOPS

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Safer Medicine.

Healthcare Touch offers compounded wound care, scar gels, pain creams that works for our U. S. Military – Active Duty, Reserve and Retired. Also with addition of our Metabolic & Nutritional Supplements which are pharmaceutical grade capsules.

Designed to have a synergistic effect with our topical compounded pain creams, and are beneficial to the patient’s overall wellness. Our ingredients in our Metabolic Supplements have been shown to improve neuropathic symptoms, as well as to promote organ health, cardiac health, anti-aging, and to reduce free radical damage. You’ll start to feel improved energy, mood, motivation, and weight management!

Topical Pain Cream eliminates possible side effects associated with traditional oral and injected medications.  Reduced risk of dependency or abuse. Decreased risk of Drug-To-Drug interactions.  Our Topical Pain Creams are covered by most insurance, putting effective pain relief at the fingertips of patients.  All of our formulations contain a combination of FDA approved ingredients, compounded into a topical pain cream, which differ from oral forms of these drugs.

By transitioning from traditional oral or injectable treatments, to our Topical Pain Creams, patients can experience healthier, fuller lives, and simultaneously reduce the prescribing of dangerous oral narcotic drug therapies.  Up to 70% of Diabetic patients will develop some symptom of “neuropathy” in their feet, legs, hands or even upper torso areas.

Healthcare Touch Pharmacy works directly with your insurance company verifying payment approval before we fulfill the prescription. Our compounds are covered by all Tri Care Health Insurance plans and others as well. In fact the majority of our patients have minimal out of pocket expenses.