Partner with one of the leading and fastest-growing telemedicine/healthcare companies in the nation ~ Healthcare Touch

The team at Healthcare Touch focuses on 3 core principles; one being partnerships. Partners specifically looking to grow their brand and products line with Healthcare Touch. Partnering with us will allow you to offer innovative products and be the first to do so. Other opportunities in partnering with us is the availability having Healthcare Touch to sell your products. We are always in search for the next topic in current healthcare trends. If you have a product that you feel would be appropriate for us to sell, please contact us and we will let you know the next steps.

Partnering with Healthcare Touch will let you connect with patience’s that are in need of non-emergency clinical care issues through telemedicine services. If you are wanting to deliver your message and get your brand in front of this market; partnering with Healthcare Touch will allow you to do so.

Telemedicine is one of the quickest growing trends in the healthcare industry. Partnering with us will help you stay on the right track with current industry trends and stay ahead of the competition. Our team is constantly building new relationships and creating market study reports; taking an in-depth look at current trends and where they are heading. In short, Healthcare Touch can be your competitive advantage. Working side-by-side with you and your enterprise would be our pleasure. Contact us today to learn how you can partner with us.

Healthcare Touch offerings & Benefits:

  •  Access to our network of compounding pharmacies
  • Quicker time to be able to see a physician beats the 1-2 weeks for the average appointment
  • Increased convenience where patients can call without leaving their homes or offices
  • The practice of telemedicine is undergoing significant evolution with advances in videoconferencing
  • All you’ll need is a computer, tablet, or phone using our secure-encrypted state-of-the-art technology from Healthcare Touch
  • Great income potential while working uninterrupted from the comfort of your home office or other convenient location.
  • Convenient user-friendly on-line charting application
  • No overhead from clinic staff, rent, etc
  • Opportunity to expand your geographical reach of your medical practice and stay ahead the rapidly changing healthcare industry
  • Flexible hours. Whether your semi-retired or currently maintain a practice, you will be offering a cost effective service most people skip because of the costs

Healthcare Touch is staffed by experienced healthcare individuals with knowledge of evidenced-based clinical medicine. We are looking for high quality physicians to care for these patients in all 50 U.S. states. We hope you will consider joining Healthcare Touch to care for patients in your home state.

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