Pharmaceutical Wholesale Products

Over the past few years, the price of medications, especially prescription drugs, have shot up to more than 100%. The drug trade has become a rather expensive one to both the consumer and pharmacies. To add to the burden, pharmacies will have to go through several suppliers and services to look for the best priced pharmaceutical wholesale products that would not cost too much. This has set an alarm to many business across the country, which in turn pushed many suppliers to step up their game and look for ways to offer cheaper yet high quality drugs and efficient services to their clientele.

Health Care Touch has been an advocate in giving the best pricing in the market along with high quality services. In fact, they offer the most competitive prices for pharmaceutical wholesale products because they believe that both the pharmacy and its consumers should be straining with the continually rising cost of prescription and non-prescription drugs. That is why they have set the best prices for medications and other pharmaceutical products that are ordered by bulk.

Having been in the Health Care business for many years, the people behind Health Care Touch know and understand the demands for pharmaceutical products especially for pain, care for wounds and prevention of symptom exacerbation in varied diseases and disorders. It is because of this that Health Care Touch has rounded up the safest, highly effective products in the market that do not necessarily burn pockets.

There are several competitors in the market, but this company has, by far, the most reasonable prices offered in terms of products and service. They offer a wide variety of topical anesthetics, both generic and branded. Some of the branded anesthetics that they offer include Relador-Pak, EMLA and Livixil Kit. Also on their list are branded and generic anti-inflammatory drugs that are commonly prescribed to patients with eczema, psoriasis, osteoarthritis and many other disorders. These drugs include Diclotral, Dermawerx SDS, and Clobetasol among others.

Apart from anesthetics, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, they also offer topical antibiotics, antifungal creams, dietary supplements and anti-depressants. Also, pharmacies do not have to look for another supplier for surgical prep packs and other pharmaceutical products because they can find them all on the Health Care Touch website. With the list of available drugs and pharmaceutical products, pharmacies do not have to shop from one supplier to another. They can get quotations from Health Care Touch in one go.

One of the best features of Health Care Touch is their a website that is easy to navigate, so getting a good quotation on bulk orders will never be a hassle. Accessing drug information and getting a quotation on the pharmaceutical wholesale products can be done in one web page. They offer important information about the desired product like the manufacturer, size or units available, the National Drug Code of the medication and their Average Wholesale Price. After submitting the quotation form, their representatives will promptly reply with a customized quotation for the inquiry.

Pharmacies will absolutely get a lot from what they pay for when they avail of the Health Care Touch service. They get to enjoy the best prices on many highly effective pharmaceutical products in the market and at the same time get to enjoy a hassle-free service in getting quotations, orders and deliveries. With that much ease in service, it will definitely make the price they offer even more worthwhile.

Health Care Touch also offers other services that pharmacies can enjoy, like their pharmacy adjudication solution which will make it easier for pharmacies to speed up their billing claims from insurance companies. So, that means pharmacies do not have to go to several different vendors for products and services. They can get the best priced pharmaceutical wholesale products and at the same time get hassle-free pharmacy solutions in one website –

drug mfg size/unit NDC AWP
fluocinonide 0.1% glenmark 120gm 68462-0505-66 2335.56
fluocinonide 0.1% PNA 120gm 45861-0064-01 2452.34
fluocinonide 0.1% perrigo 120gm 45802-0151-53 1651.69
lidocaine 5% ointment hi-tech 35.44gm 50383-0933-35 300
lidocaine 5% ointment sandoz 35.44gm 00168-0204-37 300
lidocaine 5% ointment amneal 35.44gm 65162-0918-38 300
lidocaine 5% ointment hi-tech 50gm 50383-0933-55 380.93
lidocaine 5% ointment amneal 50gm 65162-0918-53 380.93
lidocaine 5% ointment PNA 30gm 45861-0061-30 390.13
lidocaine 5% pad qualitest 30 pads 00603-1880-16 308.27
Livixil Kit (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine 2.5%) Alvix 1kit=90gm 15455-9504-01 1660.35
DermacinRX Prizopak (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine 2.5%) Puretek 1kit=90gm 59088-0873-00 1760.15
diclofenac 3% gel global 100gm 00115-1483-61 1132.28
diclofenac 3% gel PNA 100gm 45861-0063-01 1179.46
diclofenac 3% gel sandoz 100gm 00168-0844-01 1179.46
diclofenac 1.5% apotex 150ml 60505-0399-05 260.7
diclofenac 1.5% sol PNA 150ml 45861-0062-05 1350
Dihydroergotamine nasal 4mg/ml Oceanside 8 unit-of-use/pack 68682-0357-10 3626.17
mupirocin 2% ointment glenmark 30gm 68462-0564-35 300.67
econazole 1% ointment teligent 85gm 52565-0022-85 417.31
econazole 1% ointment taro 85gm 51672-1303-08 434.7
econazole 1% ointment perrigo 85gm 45802-0466-53 434.7
DermaWerx SDS kit patchwerx 1 box 69329-0250-01 5292.94
DermaWerx Surgical Plus pak patchwerx 1 box 69329-0270-01 5109.99
Diclotral Combination therapy Pack patchwerx 387ml 69329-0510-01 4868
calcipotriene 0.005% glenmark 120gm 68462-0501-66 1164.84
calcipotriene 0.005% sandoz 120gm 00781-7117-83 844.91
clobetasol 0.05% taro 60gm 51672-1258-03 458.96
Ortho D (Folic acid 1mg, Vit D3 3775u) solubio #30 ea 69499-0301-30 649.75
Vanatol GM 473 ml 58809-0820-16 1400
diclofex (diclo 1.5%/capsaicin) sircle 387 ml 51021-0374-01 6389.87
EMLA (lidocaine-prilocaine 2.5-2.5%) cream Actavis 30gm 00591-2070-30 55.13
lidovex sterling knight 60gm 69336-0700-60 1297.2
diclo 1.5% sircle sircle 150ml 51021-0150-05 1349
diclo 1.5% sircle (newer NDC) sircle 150ml 51021-0250-05 1459.52
Vopac MDS Transdermal (diclo 1.5% sol kit) sircle 1 ea 51021-0278-01 820.43
Relador Pak Plus External kit 2.5-2.5% accelis 1 ea 69166-0155-90 pending
Xrylix pack (diclofenac 1.5% sol, adhesive sheet) puretek 1 ea 59088-0365-00 4961.96
doxepin 5% cream renaissance 45gm 40085-0716-45 669.89