Pharmacy Billing Solutions

Pharmacies have been ripped off by insurance companies countless of times. Fact is, most pharmacy personnel are in the dark when it comes to entering the right information that will help them maximize reimbursements, ending up in errors. It would take an expert to handle successful high payout. Through a pharmacy billing solution like that of the Health Care Touch Pharmacy Adjudication Solution, pharmacies can get more than what they are getting from insurance companies and more.

Due to the increasing costs in health care, many patients have opted to include their medication purchases through medical insurance. It could save them a lot of money and a lot of time, but we cannot say the same for pharmacies. A lot of pharmacy personnel dread the hassle of processing claims because the paper work takes time and they could end up slowing down their personnel productivity, which could also mean losing more money.

Much of the time that should have been spent on filling out prescriptions, restocking and inventories, are now spent on processing pharmacy adjudication. Pharmacies either hire new personnel just to bill third party payors or they add more tasks to their existing personnel, which could make their workflow less efficient. The possibility of making errors on filling out and dispensing prescription is high because technicians and their assistants are too preoccupied. They just have too much on their plate.

Aside from the hassle of processing claims, medical insurance companies, especially those that run their data and adjudication through a computer software, have created algorithms and processes that could easily lower payouts especially when inaccurate details have been entered. The worst thing that could happen is the claim might be declined, which could end up with the pharmacy losing their patrons. At the end of the day, a pharmacy is at a losing end. An expert service like Health Care Touch Pharmacy Billing Solution could easily change that unfortunate situation.

This type of service might not be new in the business. Some companies may have even created their own computer application to help pharmacies increase maximize their reimbursements, but nothing beats having an actual expert to come to the pharmacy and do the consultation. It makes the service a lot more personalized and customized with each claim.

An expert in pharmacy adjudication from Health Care Touch will personally visit a pharmacy to review all claims and make sure that the right information will be entered into the paperwork to facilitate higher payouts. Since it is a personalized system, the possibility of errors and glitches will be reduced to almost none, because nothing beats the scrutinizing eye of someone who has extensive experience in pharmacy billing.

In case of a glitch in the system or an error in the data entered, it helps to have someone in the vicinity to help with troubleshooting rather than spending time with someone over the phone talking and resolving nothing. With this service, pharmacies can dedicate less time on adjudication and more time on making strategic decisions and increase productivity in their personnel. With that alone, they can already cut costs. They can further cut costs by making strategic decisions like ordering wholesale pharmaceutical products, which they can also do through the Health Care Touch service.

Health Care Touch offers great services to pharmacies that could take a whole deal out of their workload. With their pharmacy billing solution, they can provide a perfect avenue for pharmacies to focus more on their growth as a company because they can now delegate processing claims through the service. They have experts who will take care of that for them, and they do not even have to send it to an office. The Health Care Touch billing staff will gladly the pharmacy in need of their services.

Along with that efficient service, they can also order pharmaceutical products by bulk through their pharmaceutical wholesale products. Health Care Touch offers the best price in the market. They do not even have to call to get a quote, the website is available anytime and anywhere. Their personnel will promptly reply to inquiries within a reasonable time-frame. All of these services are available to make the workload of pharmacists and personnel lighter and more enjoyable.

Health Care Touch offers a variety of health care solutions not just to pharmacies but to patients and doctors as well. Aside from their pharmacy billing solution and pharmaceutical products, they also offer laboratory testing, medication compounding, telemedicine solutions and many more. So for effective and personalized pharmacy billing solution, Health Care Touch is the brand that pharmacies can always depend on.