Carrier Testing

For all we know, diseases can be lurking behind our DNA. We may not exhibit symptoms, but we could harbor genetic disorders that could affect our future offspring. Ever since the rise of genetic testing, couples who want to have children find it necessary to get tested before they decide to have a family together. One of the most common tests they undergo is carrier testing so they can get tested for possible diseases their children might inherit in the future.

Carrier testing has become an important part in planning a family. Couples who undergo such test will have a better and more effective means of preparing for their future as a family especially those who are predisposed to Cancer and other genetic disorders. Many people can carry mutated genes and not show any symptoms unless during their later years, sometimes never. We do not want to pass this down to our children, so it is better to be prepared and get tested.

Gene mutation can happen in anybody especially in our present environment where we more exposed exposed to stress and pollutants. These days, we may all be carriers of a possible genetic disorder waiting to happen. With more exposure to harmful substances and poor environments, our good genes may mutate and proliferate in our body without us knowing The disease may either take time or remain stagnant and wait for another bad gene from another being to develop into a full blown disease.

Being a carrier means, having original, normal DNA and having a bad mutant version of it. When a carrier of this bad DNA meets and mates with another carrier, the disease process may likely develop inside the womb, in their unborn child. Each carrier parent may pass on their abnormal gene to their child and cause autosomal recessive disorders.

These disorders can affect the child from birth to their last years of life. Some may be affected by certain genes from a particular ethnicity or may span through all ethnicities. Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Spinal muscular atrophy are among the many and sometimes rare autosomal recessive disorders.

Most of these diseases are debilitating and affect the way of life of a child and consequently their parents. Treatments and health care management can be very costly. They may need to maintain medications for life as well as purchase medical aids to prolong the lives of their child. Several families with children affected by such diseases frequently struggle with medical bills and provisions. That is not to mention they will have to provide shelter that is suitable for the condition of their child. At the end of the day it all boils down to a very costly way of life.

Couples can easily avoid regret by getting tested early on. Carrier testing is similar to a regular blood test. Blood samples undergo gene analysis for specific recessive genes. The risks of the tests are very minimal so there is no need to hesitate. Laboratory results may be available after a few weeks and are already conclusive if a would-be parent is indeed a carrier of a disorder.

Following a carrier test, the couple who has been planning on building a family may consult a genetic counselor especially those with a high probability of passing genetic diseases to their children. From there, they can plan ahead for their futures and the future of their children. Couples with the possibility of bearing a child with such diseases can also look for options on how they will raise their children and improve their way of life.

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